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About me

My passion is creating and spreading "Music for Life" - Music that glorifies God and celebrates everything about life:

I am a:

  • Songwriter, Musician and Troubadour.
  • Disabilities Advocate and Gospel of Life Disciple

Chris writes, records and produces songs and put them on this website for people to download and hopefully share and enjoy.

This site hosts Chris' musical art gallery, blog and editorials in support of "The Gospel of Life" and of persons with autism and seniors living in nursing homes.



The New Web Site

Hi there everyone,

Please visit my NEW web site, “Christopher J“!!!

It is located at www.christopher-j.net.   This site will eventually close down and redirect automatically to www.christopher-j.net.

All new blog posts, new music and other new content will now start appearing on www.christopher-j.net.

And….Please follow me at the following places!


Christopher J

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The new site’s home page looks like this:

www.christopher-j.net Screen Shot

On Ukes and Cellos

Like I said earlier, I’m finally getting back into composing and recording.  It’s funny how life throws you curve balls at times, which it did me for a time, but now I’m feeling like the old groove is coming back again.  This time, as I fired up Logic Pro again, my inspiration took me down the pathway of a new genre and I found myself doing a bit of a Classical thing, if you can call it that.  I think this tune actually originated from the Latin Mass and it is a liturgical canon taken from the Agnus Dei (Lamb of God), with Dona Nobis Pacem meaning “Give us Peace”.


This idea took root in my mind as a counter response to the all of the non-peace that the world seems to be filled with these days.  So, it is a simple, spacious melody to the world which is so often busy, distracted and full of disagreement, disharmony, fighting and war.

So, here is the cello part that I have so far of the Cello part (played by me on my Fender Marauder through my Roland GR-55 synthesizer).


Dylan Update

Our dog Dylan who was brutally mauled last Saturday by a large dog at the kennel while we were  on vacation is continuing to improve and heal.  Thanks to anyone who has offered a prayer for our canine friend.  Thanks especially to the wonderful staff at Seattle Veterinary Specialists who have worked so hard on Dylan.  Dylan is an unofficial therapy dog in that he has been close to and good for our daughter who has autism and Dylan was therapeutic for me when I was recovering from my craniotomy and needed balance therapy to relearn how to balance and walk again.  He walked with me every day.  We are hopeful  he can come home in about two weeks.

From Cigars to Ukes

I’ve been collecting parts for quite a while now and the Cigar Box ‘ukulele project is just about set to kick off. Below is my parts list that I created after reading some books on DIY cigar box projects and reviewing way too many articles at the cool site, www.cigarboxnation.com. Anyway, stay tuned as I post some pictures of my progress on this in coming days/weeks.

The “XX” in the list are for those items that I have already obtained.  Just a couple things left to get!

XX Cigar box
XX Neck and fretboard, concert length
XX Tuning posts
XX Braces, Soundboard, Pine or Spruce, 1/4 x 1/2″ x 4′
XX Braces, Box, Pine or Spruce, 1/4 x 1/4″ x 8′
XX Bridge Plate, Maple, 1/8 x 2 x 6″
XX Thin wood – balsa for pickup sandwich
XX Bridge, Concert
XX Nut and saddle, Bone
XX Piezo pickup, wire and jack
XX Quarter (drill for washer for jack). Use Canada 2$ piece.
Brass bathtub drain strainer for resonator
XX Wood glue
Hole saw, x.x inches
XX Clamps (get the nice ones from sears). QTY: ?
XX Strings
XX Large rubber bands–Office Depot
XX Titebond glue
Tung oil (They didn’t have this at Ace Hardware)
XX Fine grit sandpaper
XX Steel wool
Clear Satin spray lacquer

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