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Thoughts on Success

In my new journey of discovering and learning the upright bass, or string bass, or double bass, or bass fiddle, or whatever you want to call it, I came across a gentleman by the name of John Clayton. John [Read More…]

Puget Sound

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Here is one glimpse of why I am in love with Puget Sound.

FLAC and all that Jazz

I added some new information to my music store page explaining the lossless audio format that my songs are available in called FLAC.

If you are interested in FLAC, but don’t have a clue yet whether it is something [Read More…]

How to Open a CD Case in Three Easy Steps

Have you gotten frustrated trying to open a new CD? Do you end up cracking the jewel case or leaving parts of the adhesive label on the case? Here is how to open it up quickly and easily.

Handel’s “Messiah”

We spent the afternoon today enjoying the wonderful sounds of George Fredric Handel’s “Messiah” filling the air of the Linda M. Byrnes Performing Arts Center in Arlington, Washington. The chorus and the orchestra were led by Lyle Forde and [Read More…]

6th String Root Jazz Chords

Continuing on from the last post, here are three Major 7 and Major 6 type chords with the root note on the 6th string, or low E string on the guitar. Major 7 chords do have a distinctive “jazzy” [Read More…]

Learning Some Jazz Chords

I’ve started trying to learn some jazz. So here are a few jazz guitar chords that I have been working on this week. Of course, the first major chord is not just a “jazz” chord, but is widely used, [Read More…]

President Abraham Lincoln’s Thanksgiving Proclamation (1863)

I believe Lincoln’s words speak for themselves. Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone.




The year that is drawing [Read More…]

Samsung Making Parts for Apple

So now there’s going to be Samsung AP chips in iOS devices? The Korea Times is reporting that Apple selected Samsung over TSMC. How ironic after the global patent infringement wars that have gone on between Apple and Samsung.

[Read More…]

Kimo’s Hawaiian Rules

One of my favorite t-shirts (and I love t-shirts BTW) is one that I picked up in Hawaii.


Never judge a day by the weather.

The best things in life aren’t things.

Tell the truth – [Read More…]