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Video of Mary’s Gift

Tomorrow (Wednesday, June 7) my next song “Mary’s Gift” gets released via CD Baby in my series of singles that will make up my Christmas album this coming fall.  Towards that end, here is the video that goes with Mary’s Gift.  So….”Mary Christmas!”  After all, Christmas in July is just around the corner.



Hallelujah Chorus Sheet Music

I meant to mention in the last post, that the first sheet music available is for my arrangement of Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus.  Again, it is located on the Sheet Music page.


Sheet Music

I decided, as they say, to diversify.  I will be making scores, individual instrument parts and/or lead sheets and chord charts available for sale on my web site.  You can find them on the Sheet Music page.


How to Replace a Tailgate Panel on Ford F-150

Here’s a quick tutorial I did on replacing the brushed aluminum Ford tailgate panel on my pickup.  It’s part of the continuing saga (As the Pickup Turns) of me trying to maintain and upgrade my old truck.  I love it too much to get rid of it.  I know I don’t want to spend $40 to $60 thousand on a new truck.



Ringtone for All Things New

And to leave no stone unturned, I have created an iPhone compatible ringtone for All Things New.  The mp3 version is attached to this post.  If you want the .m4r format, you can go to my music store page to download a copy.  If you are not sure how to install or use a ringtone, see this page!

In addition, the music store includes the following formats of All Things New:

All Things New high-res (320kbs) MP3
All Things New FLAC format
All Things New Video MOV format
All Things New Ringtone .M4R format


Evergreen Community Orchestra “High Society” Concert Sunday, May 21, 2017



Now that I am a verified artist on Spotify, it would really help me out if you could:

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……..check out Make a Joyful Noise playlist, a new Spotify playlist of Contemporary Christian music including Christopher J’s new rockin’ single arrangement of Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus.


All Things New Video

Here is the video that goes along with my new song All Things New that I released yesterday.  It is also up on YouTube.  Please like it and share it!

Thank you!


Cover Art

Oh yes, here is the cover artwork for All Things New!


New Music – All Things New

This song, All Things New, is a song that I composed about a year ago.  One week, a Sunday Mass reading included part of the book of Revelation, chapter 21 and the Lord’s promise to make all things new resonated with me and stayed in my mind.  At about the same time I had become interested in Motown artists and music and the combination of the two ideas resulted in my song, All Things New, to which I tried to give a bit of a Motown vibe.  I hope you like it!

See my music page to download a copy […] Continue Reading…