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Album Art & Ringtones

I wish this could be on the cover of a 33 rpm LP, but I don’t have the budget for that and on top of that, this song is getting released as a single anyway.  But you can always dream.  So here’s the art for the cover of my new single, “I Need You”.  Also, here is a link to the I Need You ringtone taken from the song.  You can have it now for free, but in the future it will be available via my music store so you can throw some change my way.  Do you know […] Continue Reading…

New Song Coming – I Need You

“I Need You” is a love song that I came up while I went for a walk last summer.  Boom, done – all of the lyrics and the basic melody in less than an hour!  But then it has taken me since then to actually get it recorded.  For various reasons it sat in my notebook until February when I came across Graham Cochran’s Recording Revolution “One Song One Month Challenge”.  Of course the One Song One Month Challenge began in January, and by February I was already a month behind.  So, I got the song arranged and recorded by March […] Continue Reading…

Ukulele Bar Chords – A major form

Okay my ‘ukulele ‘ohana, here is my next installment of bar chords for the uke.  This one is using the open position form of the A major chord shape.  The diagram shows that you only bar the first and second strings with your first finger, but in practice I bar strings 1, 2 and 3 because that makes it easier to quickly change from for example Bb major to Bb minor.  I will share diagrams for some minor chord forms too once I get them completed.

Have you been using bar chords when you play the uke and how is […] Continue Reading…

Ukulele Bar Chords – C major form

This has been helpful to me, having first played the guitar and being used to using bar chords got me thinking it would be helpful to know how to use and play moveable bar chords on the ukulele.  So here is an example of how it works when using the form for a C major chord played in the open position as you move it on down the neck.  I will post some other bar chord forms in the future as I create the charts.

Was this helpful for you too?

Just Start!

I got this from Zig Ziglar yesterday and thought I’d share it with you in case you need some inspiration:

Something big is on your heart.

Just Start.

I don’t know how.
I have never done that before.
What if I look like a fool?

Just Start.

Other people do this sort of thing, not me.
I barely know anything about it.
It’s hard.

Just Start.

I will be 55 years old next month.
There is a lot of competition out there.
Nobody in my family has ever done that.

Just Start.

Take the first step.
Write it down as a goal.
Invest 20 minutes a day learning about it.

Something big is on your heart.

If you […] Continue Reading…

DB-13 Beginning to Finger Notes on the Double Bass

Watch The Video Lesson
Updated 08/02/2016:  Added link to lesson video!

This is lesson DB-13 Beginning to Finger Notes on the Double Bass, and is a continuation of my journal of things I have learned as an adult double bass student.

See the video for a few pointers about fingering of notes.

Be sure to check out my Double Bass Lessons page for a complete list of all of my lessons!

Today is a review next few sections of Simandl.  Half position through the octave.  (ie. 1st through 12th)  Pages 11, 14 and 18 (see pics below)

Key Points:

We’ve already gone over playing notes on the open strings.
Next, let’s […] Continue Reading…

How to Build a Cigar Box Ukulele – Part 3

Here is a summary of the rest of the steps to finish my cigar box ukulele.  See Part 1 and Part 2.

After installing the end block in the front and back ends of the cigar box like this,

I began working on the neck.  Rather than try to carve and craft my own neck I purchased a solid mahogany the neck, fretboard, nut and bridge from Mainland Ukes and that saved a lot of work.  Nevertheless, the neck still required finishing including a lot of sanding:

Finishing the Neck

 Sand the neck with 120 grit sandpaper.
Apply a coat of mineral spirits.
Look for flaws […] Continue Reading…

Ukulele Things

Aloha all my cyber ‘ohana! I have been ‘uking around’ lately and thought I’d post some links to some ukulele pages for you.  I also recently, after a long delay, finished building my own cigar box ukulele and I will finish up part 3 of my How to Build a Cigar Box Ukulele series of posts.

Below are some links to my other more detailed uke pages.

Ukulele Pictures
The Ukulele Fretboard
How to Build a Cigar Box Ukulele – Part 1
How to Build a Cigar Box Ukulele – Part 2
How to Build a Cigar Box Ukulele – Part 3
Recording of Give Us Peace […] Continue Reading…

Bass Lessons Update

Just a quick news release to update you that I have not forgotten about continuing the double bass lesson series.  My last lesson post was on February 26th.  I was preoccupied and/or traveling for business (I have a full time day job other than music to keep me busy!) for most of the month of March.  Then in the first week of April I managed to break my thumb!  And I’ve been struggling with the VA healthcare system ever since trying to get properly treated. (See “Dear VA – Sorry, but you still suck” post for details!)

Anyway, stay tuned […] Continue Reading…

Dear VA – Sorry, but you still Suck

Dear Congress and the VA:

I’m not a dying vet (yet) that you have abandoned.  But I am a vet (Navy) and I did have a medical issue and you did abandon me.

You gave me VA health care coverage under the Veterans Choice Act because they are not accepting new patients at my local VA facilities.  In theory you said I can go receive care by a non-VA provider.  Sounds great right?


I managed to break my thumb by smashing it between a sledge hammer and a steel fence post.  (OK my bad….but stuff happens, you know?)

I went to my primary […] Continue Reading…


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