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Trailer Park Santa Ringtone # 2

Another day, another ringtone from Santa!  Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus, right down ringtone lane!  Anyway, here is ringtone number 2!  This is in MP3 format.  The iPhone version is available on my music store page.


Trailer Park Santa Ringtone # 1!

Just when you think you couldn’t ask for anything more from Santa, here he comes with ringtones!  Those Elves are busy little guys.  Here is ringtone number 1!  This is in MP3 format.  The iPhone version is available on my music store page…..

Y’all come back now, ya hear!


Sheet Music for Trailer Park Santa

Sheet music is also available for Trailer Park Santa.  The lead sheet contains the melody and chord progression for the song.  A copy is available for download on the Sheet Music Page.

Thank you for your support!


Video of Trailer Park Santa

My next song in the series of singles that will make up my Christmas album this coming fall was just released: “Trailer Park Santa”. This post is to give you is the Trailer Park Santa video. So….”Merry Christmas!” It’s Christmas in July! Ho, ho, ho.  The songwriting backstory is here.

YouTube Preview Image



Trailer Park Santa’s in the Wild

As of today Trailer Park Santa is now up on Spotify.  See, here’s the Spotify player.   If Spotify’s not your thing here’s a link to Santa.  The backstory is here.


Christmas in July and Trailer Park Santa and Childhood in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Well, it’s “Christmas in July” again and I have completed another holiday-themed song that’s ready to launch, which I have dubbed “Trailer Park Santa”!

Update July 20th:  Here is the link to the Trailer Park Santa video.

The backstory on Trailer Park Santa is after spending time recording music with a sacred theme, e.g. Mary’s Gift and the Hallelujah Chorus, I was ready for something fun. Secondly, Trailer Park Santa was inspired by my real life experience when I was eight years old of living in a trailer park in Fort Wayne, Indiana which was bordered by US Highway 30 on […] Continue Reading…


Here’s your Music Player for Mary’s Gift

I am continuing to work on tracks for the Christmas holiday album this fall.  This was the latest release.  Another single will be coming in a few weeks to add to the list.  The next one will be a fun song based on a true story from my childhood!  It is titled, “Trailer Park Santa”!  Ho, ho, ho.



Ringtone for Mary’s Gift

I have created an iPhone compatible ringtone for Mary’s Gift. The mp3 version is attached to this post. If you want the .m4r format, you can go to my music store page to download a copy. If you are not sure how to install or use a ringtone, see this page!

In addition, the music store includes the following formats of Mary’s Gift:

Mary’s Gift high-res (320kbs) MP3
Mary’s Gift FLAC format
Mary’s Gift Video MOV format
Mary’s Gift Ringtone .M4R format

A video that goes with the song is on YouTube.

YouTube Preview Image

Pre-Christmas in July Sale – Mary’s Gift

Today I am releasing another song, Mary’s Gift, in my series of music that will make up my Christmas album that I plan to have ready by October or early November!!!

Releasing Christmas music in the summer isn’t so crazy after all, at least that’s what an article in Fortune magazine implies as they found that Pandora experiences a surge in mid-summer holiday music listening.

This month’s song is called Mary’s Gift and it celebrates in song the Blessed Virgin Mary’s humility and openness to God’s will, “Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord. May it be done to me according to […] Continue Reading…


Video of Mary’s Gift

Tomorrow (Wednesday, June 7) my next song “Mary’s Gift” gets released via CD Baby in my series of singles that will make up my Christmas album this coming fall.  Towards that end, here is the video that goes with Mary’s Gift.  So….”Mary Christmas!”  After all, Christmas in July is just around the corner.

YouTube Preview Image